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Donation 2016

EEM continues to exceed expectations with increased turnover during the financial year 2015 / 2016. EEM’s objective is to provide a cost efficient procurement service through having a managed catalogue with potentially the lowest commission rates charged by any consortium.

Despite reducing the commission on materials to just 1% in April 2016, the increase in usage of materials has meant that EEM once again has an operating surplus of £144,000.

The operating surplus has been split over the members that have used EEM based upon the income received for that member. The surplus will be passed back to the member strictly for the use of supporting the communities it serves and not to support budgets or work that the member should be doing as a right.

Over the past 5 years, the Community Donations have supported many projects ranging from a scout hut floor, boxing clubs, food banks, vegetable seeds for all tenants, IT training for tenants and an awards evening for volunteers, all worthy causes that we are proud to support.

The £144,000 2015/16 donation has been split as follows:


A1 Housing Bassetlaw£3,352.12
ACIS Housing Group£130.43
Ashfield Homes£2,760.61
Asra Housing£189.27
Bolsover District Council£1,634.24
Broxtowe Borough Council£8,042.63
Charnwood Borough Council£192.86
Chesterfield Borough Council£10,660.67
City of Lincoln Council£1,119.46
Dales Housing£147.09
Derby Homes£10,794.76
Derwent Living£5,823.16
Dudley Metropolitan BC£317.58
Gedling Homes£1,534.48
Gloucester City Homes£8,177.28
Helena Partnerships£1,895.96
Hinckley & Bosworth BC£2,090.36
Leicester City Council£885.78
Mansfield District Council£6,053.93
Metropolitan Housing£7,261.91
Newark and Sherwood Homes£8,704.35
Nottingham City Homes£44,213.34
Rockingham Forest HA£312.55
Rykneld Homes£4,326.52
South Holland DC£7,897.17
Tuntum Housing£1,534.77

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