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Alarms & Door Entry (EEM0037)

This Framework is split into two parts for the provision of 1. the Service, Maintenance and Installation of Fire Alarms, Fire Protection Equipment and Intruder Alarms, and 2. the Service, Maintenance and Installation in relation to Door Entry & CCTV Systems (inc. automatic doors, roller shutters, barriers & access control systems). This framework is currently in the process of being renewed and is due to be awarded in early 2017.

The contracts detailed below commenced August 2012 and expired August 2016.

Fire alarms, Fire Protection Equipment & Intruder Alarms

Awarded to:

  • Sunfish Services Ltd
  • Swift Fire & Security
  • Trinity Protection Systems Ltd
  • Total Integrated Solutions Ltd
  • Commercial Tech Services Ltd

Door Entry & CCTV Systems including Automatic doors, roller shutters, barriers and access control systems

Awarded to:

  • Lincoln Security
  • Alphatrack Systems Ltd
  • Total Integrated Solutions Ltd

Public sector organisations may directly select a contractor based on the tender ranking, your preference or EEM can assist in running a mini competition on your behalf.

To request the full specification or any other information please email info@eem.org.uk or call 01623 729945.

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